INGREDIENTS for 4 people

  • Small fresh anchovies, 500 g
  • 2 cloves of Polesine White Garlic PDO
  • Juice of a lemon
  • Juice of an orange
  • Minced parsley, 3 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 80 g
  • Salt and pepper






Remove head and fish bone from the anchovies, rinse and pat dry.
Arrange a layer of anchovies in a container, add Polesine White Garlic PDO finely chopped, sprinkle with lemon and orange juice.

Arrange another layer of anchovies and pour the remaining lemon and orange juice.

Refrigerate and marinate for at least three hours. For serving, arrange a layer of anchovies on the dish and sprinkle with fresh minced parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Garnish with lemon and orange peel curls at pleasure.


Nutritional assessment
This dish is characterized by a good distribution of macronutrients:
most of its proteins have a high biological value, lipids show an excellent balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (although they are a bit high) and most carbohydrates are complex.
The Kcal must be integrated, whether it is served at dinner or at lunch.
This dish can be combined with another course, if possible one rich of carbohydrates and containing vegetables (or fruit as an alternative), such as to contribute with a good content of fibres as well as vitamins and mineral salts.
It should be specified that the lipids it contains are excellent from a nutritional point of view, since they come from extra-virgin olive oil (the main seasoning in the Mediterranean diet) and oily fish (another key element in the Mediterranean diet), rich of Omega-3 fatty acids:
for this reason, this dish may help to lower the total cholesterol.